The cannabis store is a great place to be educated properly about cannabis

The superb writer Ernest Hemingway once said that the secret to great writing was “write drunk, edit sober.” These are without a doubt words of wisdom, although in my case I would likely say “write stoned, edit sober.” I have never been a very serious drinker, and more than a couple of beers makes me totally feel bloated and exhausted.

I truly have never had any success trying to write while drunk, however writing stoned is without a doubt my secret weapon, and the key to my creativity… There is something about smoking cannabis, and then typing on a keyboard that just gets my juices moving! Of course, I am careful about what kind of cannabis I smoke, because there are numerous kinds of weed, with many effects on your mind and body… Non-smokers, or youngsters, may not see the difference between the weird strains of cannabis.

For instance, I am an immense fan of Sativa strains of cannabis, because they tend to give a more alert and energetic high. It is more of a full-body high that leaves your mind truly clear, whereas Indica strains will make you feel somewhat exhausted and lethargic. Most of this is up-to-date to me, because it was only recently I was able to start visiting a cannabis shop. The budtenders they have on staff there happen to be pretty amazing, and are able to tell me all about the THC content and probable effects of any of the hundred kinds of cannabis they just so happen to sell. If you have never ventured to a cannabis dispensary I highly encourage it, even if you don’t choose to get anything, they can educate you.

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