That dinner changed my life

There are so many times when I guess about how our life would be right now had I not chosen to go on that 1 particular picnic.

While on a break, I attended a dinner where I was bitten by a tick as well as infected with Lyme disease.

Prior to treating medical cannabis, life had been a nightmare of multiple symptoms that nurses could do nothing about. Having nurses just shake their heads as I slipped further into upset was a turning point for me. I started to do research on our own which led myself and others to learn about the medical weed benefits when it came to Lyme disease. Lyme disease has just a wide range of symptoms as well as can affect a person for years. And it can also be treated with western medicine as well as resolved. I’m in the group that has suffered for years. When I learned about medical weed, I figured out how to get a medical marijuana card. I wanted to see for myself if I could find just the least bit of change in our situation with cannabis products. With the help of the legal weed store staff, I decided on some vape products. I have trouble with smoking cannabis flower products so this was recommended as an alternative. They also told myself and others I could go the edible route with something to care about weed edibles. The results have been nothing short of amazing. My inflammation is better, I guess more clearly, our digestion is better as well as our anxiety about our situation has eased significantly. I’m so glad for medical cannabis.

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