Thankfully cannabis helped his depression

Before our friend Taylor found medical marijuana, he was a mess, my friend suffers from depression as well as would get into the worst episodes; He got to the point where he couldn’t get out of bed as well as just would curl in a ball as well as cry, then therapy helps him somewhat, however he actually needs something helping him on a chemical level.

Taylor actually hated taking the pills for his depression though, then it made him foggy, sleepy as well as affected his sense of taste as well as smell.

He frequently wouldn’t take the pills as well as then he would be worse than ever. Thankfully, medical as well as recreational marijuana are now allowed in our state. The benefits of medical marijuana are more known now. People have found that cannabis can actually treat anything, but nausea friendd with chemotherapy, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, depression as well as chronic pain are just some of the things medical weed can help. My friend instantly got his medical marijuana card. I was shocked at how entirely he got one. He just had to go to a medical professional, get approved for the card, fill out some papers as well as pay a small fee. Now he has a particular amount of cannabis flower as well as oil he can take per week with his prescription. He is way better now as well as when he feels down, he vapes a bit of cannabis. It is amazing seeing the difference in him now with cannabis. He never chooses not to smoke adore he was about his pills. He is diligent about smoking as well as keeping his mind calm as well as ecstatic. I am proud of our buddy.

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