Old hippie in heaven at the cannabis dispensary

Outside of the aches plus pains of living in an aged body, I love being in my 71’s.

And there are indica strains for helping that aged body think better.

Being my age comes with plenty of benefits. For a single, I don’t have to go to some stupid task anymore. Honestly, I still think love a sell out for having worn a tie all those years. But back then, there was a distinct option to be made. Either stay free plus love my lifestyle plus the THC or conform to gain a good living plus be respectable. Honestly, I still think love I made the wrong choice. But I have numerous good daughters to show for it. Might be the best thing I ever did. And I legitimately could have stayed a hippie, loved my cannabis plus still raised a couple of daughters. But that’s all water under the bridge. For me, it’s about enjoying every single morning plus everyone I come in contact with. This is a single of the reasons that I love starting that morning at the cannabis cafe. I’ll get a good cup of coffee plus stake a spot out in the sun. There, I nibble on my edible plus encounter whatever the morning brings. The nice thing about being next to a cannabis dispensary plus sitting at a cannabis cafe is there are plenty of people I love to see. And it’s genuinely nice that they love to come across an aged hippie love me as well. Yep, life it pretty sweet when you can start your morning at a cannabis cafe.
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