Now I can rest easily

A good pal of mine told me and others about a year ago that I should go to 1 of a series of cannabis dispensary events. He knew that I suffered from restless leg syndrome as well as was having a bad time finding the relief I needed. He said that he read some cannabis information that recommended medical weed could greatly help myself and others with the restless leg situation. And it’s a really bad situation for sure. While it’s not life threatening per se, having this condition makes our life far from ideal. Rest is just so important to all of us as well as being kept awake for hours at a time because our legs move involuntarily doesn’t allow for much rest. In fact, prior to studying about the medical marijuana pros for our condition, I might get 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Living day to day with that amount of rest was just not sustainable. I tried the nurse but was quite disappointed with the end cause. So I finally took our buddies’ advice as well as caught 1 of the cannabis events. It was a life increasing decision. Once I got through the medical weed regulations as well as had access to the legal weed store, I was on our way to relief. It didn’t take a week of treating with cannabis products before I saw results. After a couple of months of medical marijuana care, I was sleeping through the night. While there are still some instances where the restless leg situation does form, it’s become rare. And that is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been searching for.


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