Needing a web build

I started looking up website solutions for stores online.

When I opened up my supplier I thought I wouldn’t need to worry about a site.

I am not a technologist. I am a businessman. I could start a business, hire people and get local growers to supply myself and others products, then getting myself and others behind an iPad is a large mistake. Business had been good, but I knew I needed to attract people online. My employees wanted myself and others to offer curbside pickup and cannabis delivery to increase sales. I needed a website for all of this, dispensary digital SEO services have absolutely saved me. I found a cannabis SEO company that just handles it all for me. They started with making myself and others an absolutely fantastic website. You can order curbside pickup, delivery or just browse the products online. They even added a chat with a budtender feature which has become absolutely popular. They put pictures of my supplier on the website and client reviews. All of us look so high end, edgy and modern. What is absolutely fantastic is that SEO for marijuana dispensaries means that my website ranks high on google. When you go into a cannabis store and the area, my website pops right up. I am absolutely excited by this. Already people have started coming to the store and ordering online. I guess pretty soon I am going to need to hire more staff. It was such a smart transport branching into the online world of SEO. Word of mouth and newspaper ads are a thing of the past.