Needed to branch out online

My cannabis dispensary was doing absolutely well until the virus hit.

When everything shut down, that became an issue.

People got out of the habit of getting their cannabis products. Also, more people had the chance to open up a cannabis dealer since everyone essentially took a year or so off. Once things started opening up again, there was way more competition. I realized that I had gotten lazy and taken my buyers for granted. Suddenly I was hurting buyers. I started searching online what I needed to do. Everything I read said I needed to up my online presence! First thing I needed was a web build. Then I needed a SEO analyst to help the website rank on google. I then needed social media platforms to keep the public replaced with sales. It was all absolutely scary and out of my range of possibilities. I found that cannabis digital SEO companies exist. There are online SEO companies that just handle it all for you. I was originally hesitant to invest money in a repair when my supplier wasn’t making that much money. But you have to supply something to acquire something. So I took the opportunity and it was a fantastic move on my part. I now have a fully optimized website that ranks right on page 1 of google. I have a business listing on google, twitter, facebook and instagram account that somebody else takes care of for me. Best of all, my supplier has increased a lot since I have invested in online SEO.


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