Medical cannabis gave me freedom

There is a freedom that I’m currently experiencing that I wasn’t certain I would ever really see again. But thanks to medical cannabis, I’m reveling in this newfound feeling of freedom. Adding medical marijuana to my chronic pain treatment regimen has delivered the freedom I speak of. I’m free of the constant pain and debilitating effects of that pain. I am free from having to explain my situation to those who simply can’t understand what it is I’ve been going through. That’s a giant one and it’s a direct result of getting access to the legal weed store. Prior to treating with medical marijuana, it was hard for me to just live without feeling like I have to explain myself. This comes from the fact that there really was no clinical diagnosis for the source of my pain. I heard all sorts of explanations but there wasn’t any sort of concrete deal. It almost felt as though I had to prove that I wasn’t making this thing up. But chronic pain can be genuinely bedeviling. When I accepted that fact and that there was only so much western medicine could do, I opened my mind to other alternatives. Medical marijuana was one of those alternatives. Lucky for me, it gave relief and improvement almost from the outset of treatment. It’s been a year now and I am free of the worst of my chronic pain symptoms. I’ve completely changed my outlook and my life is better than ever. I have medical cannabis to thank for that good new freedom.

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