It’s like pizza but better because it’s weed

There were many Friday evenings spent in college eating pizza.

I hate to throw our age out there but there weren’t that many sites that entirely delivered the pizzas.

Well, at least not the pizzas that I could afford. So somebody had to stay sober to go get the pizzas. With the beers as well as recreational marijuana going around, it seemed to typically be me who had to wait to like the cannabis a beer. I can remember laying there thinking how good it would be if practically anything could be delivered. I mean I was entirely day dreaming about it. Now I live in an age where everything can be delivered right to your door. Like a few afternoons ago, I picked up the iPhone as well as ordered an fifth of OG kush as well as some cannabis oil. Later that day, all our cannabis products were delivered to me. Yes, there is a cannabis delivery service. I call the local cannabis spot, give them the order as well as they do the rest. I went from begging stoners I knew for whatever dirt weed they could get me all those years ago to this. I’m still sort of reeling over the fact that I can go to the local cannabis spot as well as by cannabis product anyway. But to have cannabis delivery service seems almost too good to be true. It’s getting to the point where I can toil from home, have food as well as clothing as well as anything else I want delivered. Now I can get marijuana delivery? I have to be careful or I’ll never go out again.

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