I really enjoy sativa and I only take a small amount

I feel when I used recreational cannabis when I was a little one, I was totally overdoing it.

That’s the only thing that makes sense.

Back then, I would just get completely baked out of my head. Like we’d smoke a good amount of cannabis and then smoke some more because we were able to do that. That was not the best way to use marijuana nor was it the best way to study for school. I was asked to leave that college however eventually managed to get things together at my next school. I even went on to a graduate degree. But I particularly didn’t smoke much weed after I was able to start my career. Shoot, there wasn’t much time to do anything while in that part of my life. Making my bones in my career and family starts were all I could handle to be entirely honest. But life lets up at interesting times and I’m thankful to have a bit more time to turn to my dreams and passions. So when the local pot shop opened, I went in. At first, I essentially just wanted to talk to cannabis professionals who could help me with what I wanted out of cannabis. The fact is that life essentially beat the hell of me and the antidepressants weren’t any good. I just wanted to maybe see if what I read about sativa was completely true. The crew at the pot shop were so nice and helpful. They explained the differences between sativa strains and indica strains. And I am still trying to learn about the hybrid strains for sale. But the sativa is fantastic and I only use a small amount. Seriously, that’s all it takes.



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