Finding my way back to the cannabis cafe

I have developed an internal calendar which keeps track of just when I can make another visit to the cannabis cafe.

And this mental calendar does not let me forget any of my appointments I make for the cannabis cafe. I’m absolutely grateful for this internal calendar & the reminders. My lifestyle can sort of get pretty out of hand at times. The job I do, while good & a passion, can take on undue weight in my life. Like in a huge way. I’ll find myself truly working too much for weeks on end to get something just the way I want it to be. That’s good for the job however not so good for my heart or my head. So a long afternoon & into the afternoon at the cannabis cafe is in order at least a couple times a month. Actually, I go to the local cannabis spot just around the corner a couple of times a month as well. I love the OG kush they sell there. It’s sort of my go to cannabis product. Just a wee bit of the OG kush or even the orange kush can help me completely unwind from an absolutely long day. However, that’s still no match for sitting & sipping the best Sprite in this city at the cannabis cafe. I make sure I’m joined by friends who love to share the best pot brownie in this city as well. But even just being at the cannabis cafe by myself with a cup of Sprite helps to ground me & keep the perspective that life is about living.
Medical Cannabis Cards