The pain relief with CBD

I slept better than I had in a year

My medical professional told myself and others that chronic arthritis pain is 1 of the most debilitating and painful types of pain known to man. The pain increased as the arthritis progressed, and it didn’t go away. They made a lot of pain creams that could be rubbed into the affected area. He said that pharmaceutical companies were billion dollar contractors thanks to the millions of people with arthritis, however there was no cure. There was 1 pain relief item he had found that worked better than anything over the counter, and it didn’t offer the side effects of other medicines. He told himself and others to go to the pharmacy and ask about CBD products. He told myself and others to try some of their lotions or creams, and to buy CBD pills or gummies. I had never entirely thought about using marijuana, however the method of CBD seemed okay. After listening to him tell myself and others about CBD products for pain, it made me and others happy to try it. I went to the pharmacy the next afternoon and asked what type of CBD products they carried. I told the pharmacists I wanted some cream to rub into the joints,, and I also wanted pills or gummies that would help myself and others to sleep. They showed me and others various products, which were entirely fancy. I bought some gummies and 1 cream. I followed the guidelines on the packets and used the CBD products that night. It wasn’t an instant relief, however within an hour, I could recognize some lessening of the pain. I ate 1 more gummy and headed to bed. I slept better than I had in a year. I couldn’t assume CBD helped with my arthritis pain.

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How CBD is used online

I told them about my ADHD and asked which CBD would be best for me.

When I talked to my psychologist about using CBD to help myself and others sleep, he thought it was a good idea. The only thing he warned myself and others about was purchasing CBD on the internet. He told himself and others that if I was sure I wanted to use CBD, I should only buy it at a marijuana dispensary, or in the pharmacy. I thought this sounded strange, although I didn’t question him. He was a medical professional. Instead of asking where I should buy the CBD, I asked if there was any special type of CBD I should purchase. He told himself and others that when I went to the dispensary or pharmacy, I should tell them about my ADHD and ask them that question. The next afternoon, I went to the marijuana dispensary and asked about the CBD. The pharmacist gave myself and others some suggestions, although I wasn’t sure about the cost. I said I wanted to go to a condo and think about it before I made a purchase… After leaving the pharmacy, I went directly to the marijuana dispensary. I told them about my ADHD and asked which CBD would be best for me. He suggested some of the same CBD products the pharmacist had talked about, along with a few the pharmacy didn’t have. The prices were comparable, so I asked more questions about those products not available in the pharmacy. Both of us must have chatted back and forth for half an hour before I told him what I wanted to take the condo with me. I was content with the answers I received and I was sure my CBD products were going to help.


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Marijuana delivery

When our local marijuana dispensary announced they would soon offer delivery services, I got excited.

When the excitement waned, I wondered if CBD would also get delivered.

The sale papers announced they would deliver any marijuana order that was venued before noon, however it didn’t mention the delivery of CBD products. I wanted to go into the marijuana dispensary and ask some questions before putting in an order and finding out they wouldn’t deliver to me. After work the next afternoon, I had my order ready, and I went to the marijuana dispensary. Along with my order, I also had some questions I wanted to ask of the budtender. I thought I would ask all the product questions I had about some current CBD products and lead up to the question about delivery services. It took myself and others various hours before I could ask about CBD delivery. He smiled when I asked if I could have my CBD order delivered? He told myself and others they could deliver any order of products that came from the marijuana dispensary. I thanked him for his time and information and headed home. Two weeks later, I was perusing the sales flyer I got in my email. They announced all the products they had on sale for the week, week, and afternoon. The yearly sale was mostly high CBD products, and I saw my 2 number one CBD products on the list. I abruptly put in my online order and hit the button for delivery. Less than 2 hours later, the marijuana dispensary delivery driver was at my door delivering my order of CBD products.

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A good blend of it all

After discovering CBD for my anxiety, I decided I wouldn’t talk to anyone however the pharmacist at the marijuana dispensary, or the budtender he was now working with.

I walked in 1 afternoon to ask about my number one CBD to treat my anxiety, however my proper budtender wasn’t there.

The young person I talked to told myself and others they had a fantastic 4:1 CBD/THC blend that was on sale. I didn’t know what he meant by a 4:1 CBD/THC blend. He explained that meant it was 71% CBD and 20% THC. You got the same healing properties with the CBD, however a bit more oomph from the THC. I wasn’t sure I wanted to use THC any more. I remembered the high I received from THC and I told him I just wanted to ease the anxiety separate from getting high. He explained that if I followed the guidelines exactly, I would get a lot of comfort from the Harlequin blend. I had enough CBD to provide myself and others the comfort I was seeking, and just enough THC to make it work a bit more abruptly. If I was sad about getting high, he suggested I use it only at night, and stick with a strictly CBD gummy throughout the afternoon. I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing when I bought the 4:1 CBD blend, although I wanted to try it, considering the price was perfect. After a couple of nights, the CBD blend did everything I hoped it would, and I was back at the marijuana dispensary to purchase another 4:1 CBD blend before the sale ended.

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Now I can rest easily

A good pal of mine told me and others about a year ago that I should go to 1 of a series of cannabis dispensary events. He knew that I suffered from restless leg syndrome as well as was having a bad time finding the relief I needed. He said that he read some cannabis information that recommended medical weed could greatly help myself and others with the restless leg situation. And it’s a really bad situation for sure. While it’s not life threatening per se, having this condition makes our life far from ideal. Rest is just so important to all of us as well as being kept awake for hours at a time because our legs move involuntarily doesn’t allow for much rest. In fact, prior to studying about the medical marijuana pros for our condition, I might get 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Living day to day with that amount of rest was just not sustainable. I tried the nurse but was quite disappointed with the end cause. So I finally took our buddies’ advice as well as caught 1 of the cannabis events. It was a life increasing decision. Once I got through the medical weed regulations as well as had access to the legal weed store, I was on our way to relief. It didn’t take a week of treating with cannabis products before I saw results. After a couple of months of medical marijuana care, I was sleeping through the night. While there are still some instances where the restless leg situation does form, it’s become rare. And that is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been searching for.


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Able to live again

Parkinson’s disease is easily no easy breezy thing for me.

But it’s no death sentence at all.

I guess we’ve all seen good examples of that over the past 30 years. First, the advances in therapeutics have really made huge strides. While there is no cure yet, every one of us has a lot of easily effective treatments. About a year back, I added medical cannabis to our own treatment day to day to good results. I’m not quite 54 as well and I’ve seen some amazing results since I started using medical cannabis. Specifically, I find a weird sort of pain management than traditional pain medication. And the less of the pain meds I have to take, the better. Sleeping is also something that improved almost immediately when I started using the cannabis flower products. From the easy start, I fell asleep quicker as well as stayed asleep longer. But the big difference has been in the rigidity that comes with Parkinson’s. Medical marijuana allows for much less spasm or rigid muscles. I even guess it as I treat cannabis products. It’s almost like we care about our bodies and they sort of relax more. That’s not a good way of describing it but the best that I can tell you. An additional important facet of using cannabis flower products is the fact that I stress about our situation so easily much less. There is almost a positive acceptance which in turn has made our efforts to manage our symptoms that much more effective. I sure hope for a fix as well as perhaps I’ll live long enough to see that happen. In the meantime, medical marijuana has become an easily important pillar in our treatment regimen.

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My pains are gone

When I finally was able as well as motivated to do the workouts that help our back spasm condition, it really made a difference. And I didn’t get to that point until I realized that things were only going to get worse. Yet, it hurt so much to do some of the things that were supposed to help myself and others guess so much better. It was a conundrum that was finally solved with the aid of medical cannabis. I was easily given some weed information from a coworker who knew about our back as well as the dire spasms I endured. These often happened at the office. Had it not been for the kindness of this colleague, I’m not sure that I would have the help I now have with cannabis items. The method of figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card was so out of our thinking that it never even occurred to me. But once I started getting more of a cannabis education, it became clear to myself and others that medical marijuana benefits were real. The legal weed store helped myself and others a lot with narrowing down the weird cannabis flower products to treat with. At last, I found just the right cannabis products as well and it was all an improvement from there. Medical weed limits the spasms I experience. It allows myself and others good pain management while also improving our flexibility as well as range of motion. So far, I’m able to do the things I need to do to help our situation improve as well as become manageable. It’s been almost a year now as well as medical marijuana has helped myself and others get back to an almost typical way of living life again.


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Arthritis improvements due to marijuana

I watched our mom deal with the throes of arthritis as she hit her mid 50’s.

And care about everyone at that point, she went all in on depending on pharmaceuticals to help her. Those meds did help her ease the pain as well as acquire a modicum of mobility that she likely wouldn’t have had. But she didn’t do anything else to address all that inflammation. I’m in our mid 50’s now as well as experiencing arthritis pain. But I’m treating medical cannabis as an area of an organic approach to inflammation as well as what every one of us call arthritis. Cannabis products have been used therapeutically for thousands as well as thousands of years. So why it was just abandoned for pharmaceuticals is curious. But that’s another side of it. What is true is that medical marijuana benefits are real when it comes to joint as well as affixive tissue inflammation. There are numerous blog posts that show improvement in mobility as well as inflammation mitigation as a result of treating with medical marijuana. I’m not going the terrile route our mom took with this. I live healthy as well as fresh. My eating habits are centered around non processed, natural foods. Exercise is a big component of our life as well. Adding cannabis flower products to that mix has simply amplified the benefits of our lifestyle. My inflammation is so much less as well as more manageable using cannabis products as well as living clean as well as healthy. I see the medical weed benefits as identifiable when it comes to stretching our body. The range of motion has greatly gone up as well as I don’t suffer afterward with spasm or added inflammation. With medical marijuana on our side, I’m not afraid of what the future holds when it comes to arthritis pain.

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Able to sleep with weed

And the first night, I fell asleep as well as slept uninterrupted for more than three hours

It took myself and others figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card to get our sleep back. After a lifetime of a total lack of proper night of rest, it caught up with myself and others in an easily big way. To me, I’ve constantly seen sleep as something that I can sort of split corners on in order to get more things accomplished. This was a fatal flaw which led to our body simply not being able to rest constantly. I took our sleep as well as rest totally for certain however once it was gone, I was desperate to get it back. Prior to using cannabis products, I tried the sleeping aids prescribed by our nurse. While I did sleep, waking as well as functioning were a whole other enterprise. With the sleeping aids, I just couldn’t function at work, at home or really at all. I had to find another way as well as that’s when I happened upon some cannabis information. It came in the form of a stereo commercial touting a local series of cannabis dispensary events. I was hardly paying attention until I heard the word sleep disorder. That got our attention as well as I got myself to 1 of those cannabis events. Once there, I talked to doctors who explained the medical marijuana benefits when it came to sleep deprivation. I was so moved that I started figuring out the medical marijuana regulations when I got home. Once I was able to purchase cannabis products to help me, I started instantly. And the first night, I fell asleep as well as slept uninterrupted for more than three hours. I had our sleep back as well and it only improved from there.


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That dinner changed my life

There are so many times when I guess about how our life would be right now had I not chosen to go on that 1 particular picnic.

While on a break, I attended a dinner where I was bitten by a tick as well as infected with Lyme disease.

Prior to treating medical cannabis, life had been a nightmare of multiple symptoms that nurses could do nothing about. Having nurses just shake their heads as I slipped further into upset was a turning point for me. I started to do research on our own which led myself and others to learn about the medical weed benefits when it came to Lyme disease. Lyme disease has just a wide range of symptoms as well as can affect a person for years. And it can also be treated with western medicine as well as resolved. I’m in the group that has suffered for years. When I learned about medical weed, I figured out how to get a medical marijuana card. I wanted to see for myself if I could find just the least bit of change in our situation with cannabis products. With the help of the legal weed store staff, I decided on some vape products. I have trouble with smoking cannabis flower products so this was recommended as an alternative. They also told myself and others I could go the edible route with something to care about weed edibles. The results have been nothing short of amazing. My inflammation is better, I guess more clearly, our digestion is better as well as our anxiety about our situation has eased significantly. I’m so glad for medical cannabis.

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