Better results thanks to shift to holistic thinking

It was time for a change or maybe more of a shift than anything else.

After years and years of taking all the dentists at their word, I decided that perhaps I guess a bit about our body as well.

This is certainly true when it comes to the anxiety I have experienced most of our life. When I was in university and using recreational marijuana daily, I was the least anxious and fearful I’ve ever been. This was a revelation to me and a single that I decided to leverage to our benefit. All those years ago, I found something that worked quite well in recreational cannabis and didn’t guess it. Of course back then, there was no such thing as a legal weed store or a cannabis dispensary. But once the laws changed in our state and marijuana stores opened, I recognized that it might be a time for a shift. When I say a shift, I mean a transport toward using recreational cannabis instead of the meds that have nearly lost their efficacy. But, I also wanted to do this safely and with supervision. So, I’m staying with our therapist and our dentist has helped me wean off the medications. The results have been outstanding as our life is much more full of hope and joy. That sure beats all the fear and dread. And I also have a nice support with the folks down at the legal weed store. They are helpful in trying to hone in on the particular strains of legal weed that help me the most. And they do this in such a compassionate yet professional manner.

recreational cannabis store