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Dealing with post concussion syndrome using marijuana

I’m on at least my fifth concussion. This is not fantastic and I may have to make some decided swings to the way I pursue my passion. I’m a downhill mountain bike racer and have enjoyed this athletic activity for more than multiple decades. But the realities of the athletic activity are making me consider […]

Reorienting with help from medical pot store

Coming back from a near death experience is not for the faint of heart. At least that is if you’re having to come back & heal a broken body. But there is help for that & believe it or not, it’s called medical cannabis. Once I got mostly through the surgeries & was at house […]

L received to treat chronic pain at a cannabis event

I’m a sucker for a free boiling pet. And when there are streamers, balloons and an outdoor tent, my curiosity is typically piqued. But when you throw in a free grilled boiling pet on a bun, you have my complete attention. Of course, this is exactly why the cannabis dispensary did the cannabis event like […]