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Relishing my time at the cannabis cafe

It’s Thursday but Saturday morning is so within my grasp. This is when I’ll meet some dear friends for a lovely morning at the cannabis cafe. This is perhaps my favorite Saturday morning activity. Or at least, the cannabis cafe is on the short list. It’s hard to describe the allure and satisfaction I find […]

Edibles help me sleep

For me, it’s all about the quality of sleep. I won’t lie to you and say that getting high isn’t fun – of course it is! If getting high wasn’t fun, no one ever would have pushed for legalization. Weed isn’t like tobacco, which gives you a quick buzz and then makes you feel like […]

My renter gives me free cannabis

After my wife moved out, I converted her art studio in the back of the house into a mother-in-law suite and rented it out. I needed the extra income, and it’s not like I was going to use that space myself. I threw out all her stuff, added in a mini kitchen and refurbished the […]