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Introducing cannabis into skincare regimen

I am conscientious when it comes to my skin care regimen. I am somewhat acne prone and I battle breakouts on a daily basis. I avoid red meat, eggs, sugar and dairy due to how it affects my skin. I also wash my pillow cases, sheets and PJs in hot water with unscented laundry detergent […]

The positives of cannabis are being realized

I can’t believe how long it has taken this country to come around to the holistic healing properties of cannabis. This natural remedy has been used by people since ancient times. It was used in ancient China, Egypt and Greece in religious ceremonies and for medical purposes. The colonists grew cannabis for medical needs and […]

Cannabis concentrates and dabbing

I have gotten interested in the variety of ways to ingest cannabis. I have smoked flower and enjoyed it. I have purchased cannabis oils. I have tasted all different kinds of edibles, including chocolates, gummies, brownies and lemonade. I like topical products to treat sunburn, acne, bee stings and muscle aches and pains. Tinctures are […]

Switching to vaping cannabis

I used to strictly smoke cannabis flower for many years. I sometimes smoked a bowl or a bong. I got quite good at rolling my own joints and blunts, but often went for the convenience of pre-rolls. The cannabis dispensary near me offers pre-rolls in singles and packs that are affordable and available in a […]

Cannabis delivery is so helpful

Delivery is the most convenient thing in the entire world. I am thrilled that I no longer need to go in person to pick up my products. I have everything possible set to be delivered. I prefer picking out my groceries online and having them brought to my house. I no longer need to wait […]

Sore muscles benefit from cannabis topicals

The terpenes are quickly absorbed for outstanding benefits I have been active and involved in athletics. As a kid, I participated in many sports. I played field hockey, volleyball, soccer and basketball. In school, I was on the competitive gymnastics team and ran marathons in my spare time. As an adult, I continue to workout […]

My dad is impressed by cannabis dispensary

My dad is in his late sixties and very active. He still mows his lawn with a push mower. He tackles home improvement projects and belongs to a bowling league. He works out and stretches every morning. While my dad remains productive and spry, he suffers some limitations. He has issues with arthritis, especially in […]

Cannabis edibles work well for me

I was thrilled when the votes in my state finally passed legislation to legalize recreational cannabis. I suffer from insomnia, anxiety and depression. I’ve dealt with the symptoms on my own for many years. I was unwilling to spend the money on a doctor’s visit. I knew the doctor would prescribe pharmaceuticals with harmful and […]

Cannabis tinctures and gummies reduce stress

I have always been a conscientious and driven person. These traits have helped me to manage due dates at work, pioneer projects and lead a team of coworkers. I have earned promotions and respect in my field. I fulfill promises, live up to expectations and prove myself to be someone others can count on. That […]