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Learning to relax with help from marijuana

I’ve had two speeds all of my life. I’m either wide open or I’m stopped. And if I stopped, I’m either eating or I’m sleeping. The rest of the time, the motor has just run and run. While there are benefits to having that sort of seemingly boundless energy, there are definite drawbacks as well. […]

Sativa is all I really need and only a little amount

I suppose when I used recreational marijuana way back in my younger days, I was just totally overdoing it. That’s the only thing I can figure out. Back then, I would just get straight baked with recreational cannabis. Like we’d smoke a bunch of cannabis and then smoke a little more just because we were […]

Needed to branch out online

My cannabis dispensary was doing absolutely well until the virus hit. When everything shut down, that became an issue. People got out of the habit of getting their cannabis products. Also, more people had the chance to open up a cannabis dealer since everyone essentially took a year or so off. Once things started opening […]

Needing a web build

I started looking up website solutions for stores online. When I opened up my supplier I thought I wouldn’t need to worry about a site. I am not a technologist. I am a businessman. I could start a business, hire people and get local growers to supply myself and others products, then getting myself and […]

There is a CBD store now

When I rented from a giant home apartment, I got a deal on our square footage. The building was in the center of nowhere with a lot of development around it. I believe there would be stuff if I was just patient. I have waited over a year as well as now corporations are coming […]

Using it for facial reasons

My cannabis dispensary has a whole lot of stuff consistently going on sale, but I have tried just about every product there is. I have tried cannabis flower, oil, concentrates, tinctures as well as creams. I recently got into the world of full as well as broad spectrum CBD products. It is nice not getting […]

Using broad spectrum CBD for aches and pains

I have daily aches and pains that are made worse when I work out. I love working out and I feel it is good for me. Six days a week I am doing either weightlifting or heavy cardio. I stretch before and after but injury still happens. I refuse to acknowledge my age and I […]

Finding my way back to the cannabis cafe

I have developed an internal calendar which keeps track of just when I can make another visit to the cannabis cafe. And this mental calendar does not let me forget any of my appointments I make for the cannabis cafe. I’m absolutely grateful for this internal calendar & the reminders. My lifestyle can sort of […]