Arthritis improvements due to marijuana

I watched our mom deal with the throes of arthritis as she hit her mid 50’s.

And care about everyone at that point, she went all in on depending on pharmaceuticals to help her. Those meds did help her ease the pain as well as acquire a modicum of mobility that she likely wouldn’t have had. But she didn’t do anything else to address all that inflammation. I’m in our mid 50’s now as well as experiencing arthritis pain. But I’m treating medical cannabis as an area of an organic approach to inflammation as well as what every one of us call arthritis. Cannabis products have been used therapeutically for thousands as well as thousands of years. So why it was just abandoned for pharmaceuticals is curious. But that’s another side of it. What is true is that medical marijuana benefits are real when it comes to joint as well as affixive tissue inflammation. There are numerous blog posts that show improvement in mobility as well as inflammation mitigation as a result of treating with medical marijuana. I’m not going the terrile route our mom took with this. I live healthy as well as fresh. My eating habits are centered around non processed, natural foods. Exercise is a big component of our life as well. Adding cannabis flower products to that mix has simply amplified the benefits of our lifestyle. My inflammation is so much less as well as more manageable using cannabis products as well as living clean as well as healthy. I see the medical weed benefits as identifiable when it comes to stretching our body. The range of motion has greatly gone up as well as I don’t suffer afterward with spasm or added inflammation. With medical marijuana on our side, I’m not afraid of what the future holds when it comes to arthritis pain.

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