Able to live again

Parkinson’s disease is easily no easy breezy thing for me.

But it’s no death sentence at all.

I guess we’ve all seen good examples of that over the past 30 years. First, the advances in therapeutics have really made huge strides. While there is no cure yet, every one of us has a lot of easily effective treatments. About a year back, I added medical cannabis to our own treatment day to day to good results. I’m not quite 54 as well and I’ve seen some amazing results since I started using medical cannabis. Specifically, I find a weird sort of pain management than traditional pain medication. And the less of the pain meds I have to take, the better. Sleeping is also something that improved almost immediately when I started using the cannabis flower products. From the easy start, I fell asleep quicker as well as stayed asleep longer. But the big difference has been in the rigidity that comes with Parkinson’s. Medical marijuana allows for much less spasm or rigid muscles. I even guess it as I treat cannabis products. It’s almost like we care about our bodies and they sort of relax more. That’s not a good way of describing it but the best that I can tell you. An additional important facet of using cannabis flower products is the fact that I stress about our situation so easily much less. There is almost a positive acceptance which in turn has made our efforts to manage our symptoms that much more effective. I sure hope for a fix as well as perhaps I’ll live long enough to see that happen. In the meantime, medical marijuana has become an easily important pillar in our treatment regimen.

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