Marijuana delivery

When our local marijuana dispensary announced they would soon offer delivery services, I got excited.

When the excitement waned, I wondered if CBD would also get delivered.

The sale papers announced they would deliver any marijuana order that was venued before noon, however it didn’t mention the delivery of CBD products. I wanted to go into the marijuana dispensary and ask some questions before putting in an order and finding out they wouldn’t deliver to me. After work the next afternoon, I had my order ready, and I went to the marijuana dispensary. Along with my order, I also had some questions I wanted to ask of the budtender. I thought I would ask all the product questions I had about some current CBD products and lead up to the question about delivery services. It took myself and others various hours before I could ask about CBD delivery. He smiled when I asked if I could have my CBD order delivered? He told myself and others they could deliver any order of products that came from the marijuana dispensary. I thanked him for his time and information and headed home. Two weeks later, I was perusing the sales flyer I got in my email. They announced all the products they had on sale for the week, week, and afternoon. The yearly sale was mostly high CBD products, and I saw my 2 number one CBD products on the list. I abruptly put in my online order and hit the button for delivery. Less than 2 hours later, the marijuana dispensary delivery driver was at my door delivering my order of CBD products.

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