Cannabis topicals are part of my skincare routine

I admit that I am obsessed with taking very good care of my skin.

I am acne prone and worried about wrinkles as I get older.

I hope to avoid breakouts. I don’t eat red meat, dairy or sugar because of how those products negatively affect my skin. I launder my pillow cases, sheets and PJs constantly. I have purchased a line of expensive skincare products for my face and body. I am knowledgeable about salicylic acid, Azelaic acid, and tea tree oil infused products. I apply cleansers, moisturizers, serums, oils and face masks on a regular basis. I follow a dedicated skincare regimen every morning, midday and evening. Despite all of my diligence, I still deal with blackheads, dry skin and acne. Discovering cannabis has made a huge difference. I researched online and learned that cannabis is an effective acne treatment. Cannabis has proven to reduce inflammation. It works to reduce the redness and bumps on my skin. Cannabinoids react with receptors in the surface of the skin to reduce the amount of sebum produced. This oily substance is created by the body and can clog pores and cause acne. I didn’t want to smoke cannabis or consume the calories of edibles. I chose cannabis-infused topicals with essential oils. I bought a cream that has a CBD ratio to treat my acne. I apply it at night. I have also found several cannabis-infused lotions that I use during the day for the sake of anti-aging. I am loving the cannabis products. They have made a huge improvement in the brightness and softness of my skin. They are working to eliminate acne issues.



Cannabis needs to be legalized at the federal level

It is shocking how long it has taken this country to accept cannabis as a viable medical treatment.

People have been using cannabis since way back in the 1500s.

It was used in religious ceremonies in ancient China, Egypt and Greece. It was also used for medical treatments. In this country the medical properties of the plant were recommended back in the 60s. Despite the long history of cannabis, our country eventually classified it as illegal at the federal level. The public was told that cannabis is a gateway drug leading to worse addiction to meth, heroin plus cocaine. Cannabis is not addictive and no one has ever died from an overdose. Finally the holistic properties of this plant are being appreciated. The medical benefits are outstanding and continue to be explored and realized. It is common practice for chemotherapy patients to be prescribed cannabis to help ease nausea. People who suffer seizures, dementia, PTSD and MS are finding relief through cannabis. Even issues like anxiety, depression and sleep disorders are being treated with marijuana. Medical marijuana patients are using cannabis to treat chronic pain and inflammation. Cannabis isn’t harmful and offers recreational benefits too. It is a much safer means of relaxing and unwinding than alcohol or tobacco. So why do many states still restrict recreational weed? The money the industry generates is shocking. The states that have passed legislation to legalize marijuana have created jobs and revenue. Eventually, cannabis needs to be legalized at the federal level. The restrictions and limitations are ridiculous at this point.

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Getting into dabbing cannabis concentrates

Either a butane torch or an enail is used to heat the nail.

I started playing around with different methods to take in cannabis. I have smoked cannabis flower. I have also experimented with various edibles and topicals. I have learned that cannabis concentrates are for the more experienced cannabis user. At first, I was a little worried about the rig needed for a complicated heating process. After a little reading, I became more confident in my abilities to handle a cannabis concentrate. Cannabis concentrates are extracted from the plant by eliminating excess material and leaving behind the most beneficial parts. I am getting raw cannabis. What is left after the process is the cannabinoids and terpenes, making the product more potent and effective than other consumption methods. There is more flavor, aroma and intensity of effects. There are a wide selection of options when it comes to cannabis concentrates. There are badders, budders, wax, resin, shatter, live rosin, bubble hash, pull-n-snap, diamonds and more. Concentrates offer incredibly high THC levels. They can be vaped or sprinkled onto dried flower to add potency. Dabbing is the most popular method. It requires a rig set with a metal nail. Either a butane torch or an enail is used to heat the nail. The vapor created by heating the concentrate is especially potent. The cannabis dispensary in my neighborhood includes a dab bar that is very convenient and helpful. I am able to dab different strains and get assistance from knowledgeable budtenders. I feel safer and more confident and get to hang out with some really cool people.

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Vaping is a more discreet consumption method

I have always preferred cannabis flower.

I enjoyed smoking by way of a bowl, bong or rolling joints or blunts.

From time to time, I chose pre-rolls for the sake of convenience. The cannabis dispensary sells them in singles and packs, and they are affordable. The process of smoking cannabis creates an odor and ash. I didn’t like creating the fumes and smells that are unique to cannabis. Whenever I smoked, it was obvious what I was doing. I also worried about the effect of carcinogens on my lungs. I began looking into other cannabis consumption methods. I wasn’t interested in the calories associated with edibles. Plus, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive tract so the onset of effects takes hours. I want to smoke and enjoy myself. I want a quick onset of effects and full advantage of the terpenes. I like the high feeling but don’t want it to linger all day. I was excited to learn about vaping cannabis oil. Vaping cannabis is really easy and convenient. I bought a vape pen that I can wear on a lanyard around my neck or tuck in my pocket. It is small and lightweight. I just push a button to heat it up and inhale. Nobody has any idea that I’m smoking cannabis. There is very little smell with vaping. There is hardly any smoke. I can take a few puffs whenever the mood strikes and not worry about ash or mess. The vape is easy to fill with oil. I can purchase refillable or disposable cartridges in just about any strain or potency level. I can choose from high CBD or high THC ratios and enjoy a greater percentage of terpenes. I enjoy the best of everything by vaping cannabis now.



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Cannabis delivery

Delivery is so convenient.

I no longer drive to purchase all sorts of products. I have arranged everything to be delivered. I buy all of my groceries online and have them sent to me. I no longer waste time at the deli or get home and realize I’ve forgotten an item. My K-cups, birth control, air filters and dog flea medicine are all on a delivery program. I even have set up an account with the local dispensary for cannabis delivery. I no longer drive 20 minutes each way to access cannabis products. Rather than walk around the store searching for my favorite strains, I can easily narrow my online search parameters. I can shop anytime, 24/7 from the comfort of home and avoid weather, traffic and waiting in lines. I can look up daily specials, staff favorites and new products. Shopping online for cannabis is really helpful and has led to me discovering new products. I learn about the products through clear pictures and descriptions. I can search by potency, effects, consumption methods, brands and price. I take my time with my selections, fill my cart and then opt for delivery. I get a text message confirming the order and can even track the location of the delivery guy through an app on my phone. The cannabis is packaged up discreetly and brought right to my door. As long as I fulfill the required quantity, there is no extra fee. I typically receive the order the same day, and the delivery people are always super friendly and nice. The process is a pleasure.


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Cannabinoids in topicals relieve muscle soreness

I have always kept myself in peak physical condition.

While growing up, I was always involved in numerous sports.

I played volleyball, tennis and soccer. I was always on a cheerleading team and took gymnastics. In college, I continued playing volleyball and worked out at the school gym nearly every day. As an adult I still focus on fitness. I exerce 7 days per week for at least an hour. I like to go for runs, take bike rides or swim for extended periods of time. I always stretch before and after my training sessions, but I still experience pain, stiffness and minor injuries. I never take a day off from working out, even when I am sore. I just endure the soreness and discomfort. I suffer pain in my knees, a pinch in my hips and plantar fasciitis. I recently got determined to do something about my pain. I read online that many athletes use cannabis products as a natural treatment for pain and inflammation. It works to loosen the muscles and relax the body. I have no desire to smoke a joint or vape cannabis oil. I was looking for a more discreet, convenient and non-intoxicating treatment. The budtenders at the cannabis dispensary recommended cannabis infused topicals. They explained that even topicals with THC content don’t cause a high sensation. The cannabinoids and terpenes are absorbed and connect with receptors under the skin. This works to lessen inflammation and provide pain relief. The topicals include essential oils that work to soothe. I apply the creams, ointments of sprays directly to the affected area several times per day for localized relief. I noticed improvement right away. Cannabis has been a huge difference for me. It absorbs quickly, smells nice and isn’t overly expensive. I am now experimenting with different strains, terpenes and THC and CBD ratios to see what works best for my body.

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My mother agrees to trying cannabis for arthritis

My mother is in her seventies but still quite mobile. She does all sorts of gardening, cleans her home and drives the lawn mower. She likes to travel and works out and stretches every morning. My mother remains quite active and spry yet suffers some health issues. She has developed arthritis in her hips. My mother has difficulty bending down and climbing into my truck. She has trouble sleeping at night because of the soreness. My mother has been to see a variety of doctors. She’s tried prescription medications. The side effects were not worth it. She did not get the level of relief we were hoping for. I finally convinced my mom to accompany me to the recreational cannabis dispensary. Marijuana has shown to effectively treat all sorts of medical problems, including arthritis. It decreases pain and inflammation. It works to relax the muscles and increase mobility. My mother is from the older generation, who still think of cannabis as a dangerous and addictive drug. Thankfully she has opened her mind to the potential of cannabis now that she’s visited the dispensary. The budtenders impressed her with their knowledge and professionalism. The cannabis dispensary is really beautiful, welcoming and clean. They offer a diversity of cannabis products and consumption methods. Mymother learned cannabinoids and strains. She discussed different terpenes and potency and asked about dosage and the onset of effects. Speaking with a budtender set her mind at ease. She felt confident in her purchases. She was happy with what she learned and with the whole experience. My mother has gotten relief from her arthritis symptoms by using tinctures and topicals.


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Thrilled to have cannabis available

It is so helpful to have a dispensary nearby.

I was thrilled to hear that my state was finally legalizing recreational cannabis. I have issues with insomnia, anxiety and depression. I have always dealt with my symptoms on my own. Visiting the doctor was too costly, time consuming and disappointing. I am unwilling to take pharmaceuticals. The side effects are not worth it. I have read that cannabis is proving to work wonders for people with my same health issues. My problem was I couldn’t access it. When the first recreational cannabis dispensary opened for business, I was first in line. I was not prepared for how numerous cannabis products are available for purchase. There are endless options of flower, orals and topicals to choose from. I can choose to smoke cannabis by way of a joint, vape cart, pre-roll, bong or pipe. I can consume cannabis through a wide selection of edibles, including tonics, cookies, brownies, gummies, mints, granola, chocolates and chews. For topical application, there are creams, lotions, sprays, bath bombs and transdermal patches for inflammation and pain relief. For my symptoms, I felt the edible method was best. I use a tincture to help me sleep at night. I simply place a few drops under my tongue. For anxiety and depression I eat THC infused gummies. I pop one into my mouth and the effects are very long-lasting. The right strain of cannabis keeps me calm, relaxed and feeling positive. It is so helpful to have a dispensary nearby. I can’t believe there are still some states that have yet to legalize recreational cannabis. It is a very profitable industry. Cannabis is a natural remedy and far less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. I am relieved that I can buy products suited to my exact medical needs.


Cannabis to reduce stress

I have always been an active and rather intense person. My level of energy has helped me earn promotion, achieve tight due dates at work, lead projects and oversee a team of people. I can organize complex projects without any problem and I am always on time for everything. That kind of commitment means that I tend to be busy and stressed. I have suffered anxiety due to work. It got so bad that when driving to the office, I began to have trouble breathing. I was forced to pull over before suffering a full-blown anxiety attack. Sometimes, I get a little breathless at my desk because of the pressure of due dates and projects lined up. My anxiety was starting to take over my life, and so I started searching for a solution. I read that anxiety medications often result in unpleasant side effects and aren’t always reliable. A lot of people have found relief through cannabis products. Since it’s a totally natural remedy, I decided to try it. I’ve chosen products high in CBD and low in THC so that I can use them during the day without affecting my focus or productivity. I use either CBD capsules or tinctures while I’m at my work. The cannabis helps with my stress levels and keeps me calm throughout the day. When I’m getting ready for bed, I add the cannabis tincture to a cup of green tea. This is a wonderful way to settle down. I am sleeping so much better and waking up refreshed. Taking cannabis has helped. I’ven’t suffered an anxiety attack since I added CBD to my daily routine. I am considering trying a higher THC ratio in the evenings.


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Cannabis topicals work for arthritis treatment

As I have gotten older I have noticed pain, stiffness and swelling in my hands.

At first, I believed I’d simply overworked my hands due to my type of job.

I type on a computer for hours at a time. I like to paint, work in the garden and knit in my spare time. I tend to get into a lot of home improvement projects. My fingers are always banged up and sore. I finally did some googling when the pain became a hindrance to my activities. My symptoms matched those of arthritis. I had no choice but to cut off my rings because of the swelling in my fingers. I also began eating a handful of gin soaked raisins in the evening to combat the inflammation. It helped a little, but I needed more drastic treatment. I searched online and found all sorts of success stories from people who have tried cannabis to treat arthritis. I considered smoking cannabis or vaping, but didn’t really like that idea. I’ve never smoked anything and was uncomfortable with it. I chose to buy a cannabis infused topical. I like that a topical is so easy to apply and totally discreet. I now use cannabis cream several times a day. I wake up in the morning and massage the cream into my knuckles. I repeated the process before going to bed at night. The soreness, inflammation and stiffness are going away. I have gained movement in my fingers, and my hands don’t hurt as much anymore. I need to be conscientious about applying the cannabis cream or my symptoms come right back. I hope to be able to wear a few rings again someday. That I can perform my regular activities without pain is enough for right now. I like that the cream absorbs quickly, smells nice and there’s no high sensation from it.
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