A good blend of it all

After discovering CBD for my anxiety, I decided I wouldn’t talk to anyone however the pharmacist at the marijuana dispensary, or the budtender he was now working with.

I walked in 1 afternoon to ask about my number one CBD to treat my anxiety, however my proper budtender wasn’t there.

The young person I talked to told myself and others they had a fantastic 4:1 CBD/THC blend that was on sale. I didn’t know what he meant by a 4:1 CBD/THC blend. He explained that meant it was 71% CBD and 20% THC. You got the same healing properties with the CBD, however a bit more oomph from the THC. I wasn’t sure I wanted to use THC any more. I remembered the high I received from THC and I told him I just wanted to ease the anxiety separate from getting high. He explained that if I followed the guidelines exactly, I would get a lot of comfort from the Harlequin blend. I had enough CBD to provide myself and others the comfort I was seeking, and just enough THC to make it work a bit more abruptly. If I was sad about getting high, he suggested I use it only at night, and stick with a strictly CBD gummy throughout the afternoon. I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing when I bought the 4:1 CBD blend, although I wanted to try it, considering the price was perfect. After a couple of nights, the CBD blend did everything I hoped it would, and I was back at the marijuana dispensary to purchase another 4:1 CBD blend before the sale ended.

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